Safe routes to school update

Dear All

Ahead of the minutes, there are a couple of matters arising.

Safe Routes to school: I’m pleased to say our Councillors have been very responsive to this. Victoria Primary is in the position of having the majority of Parents and carers living in Forth Ward but the school in Leith ward the response is being managed by Forth and Leith Councillors. If there is anyone who is resident in Forth Ward who would like to join the Safe Roads subcommittee please let me know. At the moment the subcommittee comprises people who are residents of Leith Ward. However, I have heard many concerns from Forth Ward residents, particularly about the dangers of crossing Craighall and Lindsay Rd and also the issues that City Fibre are causing with walking to school.

Forth ward: Cllr Sanne Dijkstra-Downie is taking this forwards as she sits on the Councils Transport committee. She has proposed a speeding motion that asks for the Council officers to have the power to hand out fines for speeding on 20mph roads as well as the police, which has been passed. Also proposed is extending the 20mph zone to include the part of Craighall Road some of us have to cross to get to school and Lindsay Road. Parents council has already supported the consultation but said it doesn’t go far enough and raised our concerns about the incomplete safe route to school. We would ask that interested Parents council members also fill in the consultation in their personal capacity.

Leith Ward. These are the roads immediately around the new school. Cllr Katrina Faccenda will take the outstanding list of actions forwards. She suggests any concerned parents should come to her surgeries. Do bear in mind the school literally just falls into Leith Ward. The boundary is on Western Harbour Drive, Newhaven place (the Fishmarket and David Lloyd are in Forth Ward).

Parents council have also put together a letter for parents about where to park and safe driving. I am aware PC members have shared concerns about illegal parking (e.g. double parking, parking on the pavement and parking in disabled parking spaces which actually belong to local residents). Although it seems the issues with dodgy driving and parking have followed us from the old school to the new.

Christmas Fayre: If you haven’t already done so please get in touch with Stacey or Sian to volunteer for helping out at the Christmas Fayre. We will look forwards to seeing you there. You can reply to this email address to volunteer as it’s a shared mailbox.

AGM: This will be on Tuesday 10th  January. The AGM is important as at this meeting we elect executive members for the Parents council (e.g. Treasurer, Chair Secretary). I would like this to be an in-person or hybrid meeting if possible. If you want to know more about how parents councils work please see here: Parent groups – The City of Edinburgh Council. It is likely this meeting will be in the old Victoria Primary school as the Heart of Newhaven have offered to host us and can offer us wifi. Please watch this space for details



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