Join us on Classlist

At Victoria Primary School parents use the Classlist app to communicate, and we would like to invite all parents to sign up.

Classlist is a parent app that brings you into the heart of our school community. It helps you to connect and help each other. It is a safe and inclusive system that we believe will help us build a stronger school community at Victoria Primary. 

With Classlist, you’ll be able to contact the parents in your child’s class and see who’s who so you can put a face to a name. Classlist will keep you informed about what school events are coming up, and there are lots more you can do: post questions of the other parents in your child’s class, form special interest groups, as well as RSVP and buy tickets to events. You can see who lives nearby so you can arrange car shares and you can even find a home for outgrown school uniform. 

Classlist is UK-based and fully GDPR-compliant, you can share as much or as little contact information with other parents as you like, and can even keep your own email address private whilst still receiving messages. 

Everyone using Classlist has to comply with the Classlist Community Guidelines which include being respectful of fellow parents and not using the app to complain about the school or individuals connected with the school.

Please sign up as soon as possible

Classlist is completely free and it’s easy to get started:

  1. Download the Classlist app on iOS or Android
  2. Select (“Victoria Primary School Parents”)