We need you!

We are hoping that some families will get involved with organising our upcoming events and currently looking for Class Reps and other volunteering roles. So if you are interested in working alongside the school and joining us, then please get in touch by emailing us at victoriaprimaryparents@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Open positions

We have a few fundraising events that need to be organised. We are a small volunteer committee and we need you, the parent body, to help organise and run these events. Without your support, we simply cannot put these events on, and they are vital to raising funds for our school, so please keep an eye out for sign ups on Classlist and volunteer where you can, even an hour of your time makes a difference.

Main duties:

  • Attends Parent Council meetings
  • Gets involved in planning, owning and running events
  • Runs smaller projects
  • Encourages participation and enthusiasm for the events organised by the committee
  • We want representation across all classes. New parents to the school are warmly welcome.

Class Reps

To ensure that all primary classes are represented. Act as a visible point of contact between parents and the committee. They can help spread messages more locally to ensure that the rest of the committee isn’t spreading itself too thin in reaching out to the community. Organise class parents’ social events throughout the year and sell tickets for events. Liaise with the class teacher regarding the committee activity. Help organise teacher appreciation week activities.

Events Catering Manager

Responsible for the provision of all food and catering items for events which may include liaising with catering companies. Their role can also include food preparation before the event, coordinating helpers and serving food and clearing up after the event. The Catering Manager is responsible for the above however can delegate to a sub-team for each event.

Risk Assessment Specialist

To make risk assessments of any proposed events. To discuss potential risks in any event and help to consider ways of minimising or eliminating that risk. Needs to be detail-conscious; logical and thoughtful.


The purpose of an audit is to verify that funds are collected and spent as approved by the membership. That’s why, when doing an audit, your main duty is to: Determine the accuracy of the financial records. Check that funds are handled in a business-like manner in line with Committee policies and procedures.

DJs / Musicians

The main duty is to play good tunes during events. Needs to be musical, and ideally has its own equipment.

Face painters

An artistic volunteer who is willing to take charge of the face painting stall during events.


To run stalls at fundraising events. Needs to be able to handle money. Smiley.


To volunteer to listen to children read/ to run book swaps/ to run bookstalls. And to lead events during book week. Needs to love books and like children.